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ReportMiner Training Package

ReportMiner Training Package

$ 500.00

Special ReportMiner in-depth three-hour online training package. This training will teach you how to use the features and functionalities of ReportMiner to quickly and easily extract business data from documents in popular formats such as PDF, PRN, TXT, XLS, and XLSX. Online training is conducted one a month (visit our events page for details). When we receive your payment confirmation, we'll send you registration details.  

  • Creating a report model
  • Extracting header data
  • Auto creation of regions and fields
  • Identifying text patterns for regions
  • Defining field properties
  • Adding formula fields
  • Creating a collection region
  • Saving and testing a report model
  • Data statistics and summary
  • Exporting data to a variety of destinations
  • Managing field and region properties
  • Renaming and deleting fields and regions
  • Customizing fields
  • Working with PDFs
  • Looping through a folder (Enterprise Edition)
  • Auto parsing of names and addresses
  • Using dataflows
  • Using PDF forms in dataflows
  • Creating dataflows from export settings
  • Converting Monarch models to ReportMiner